What does Baptism mean?  The greek word for baptism, baptezo, means to dip repeatedly, to immerse, to submerge.  It was used to identify with a belief.  For instance, because we've repented of our sins and been born of the Spirit, we've taken on the likeness of Christ; we've become "Christians".  Therefore, we are baptized to identify with Christ and the work that He has done on the inside of us. (Romans 6:3-6)  For those who would like to be baptized, this year's event will take place at church during Wednesday evening service.  

Please give us your name and contact information:

Please tell us two things:

Some things you need to know:

Before being baptized, please plan to attend a Foundations Class (date and time to be determined).

*We encourage you to invite family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to your Baptism. 

 This is a great opportunity to proclaim the Gospel!


On the evening of Baptism:

* Bring your towel

* Bring a change of clothes

* Please wear a dark t-shirt and shorts

* Please bring/wear flip flops